ECU Remapping for Diesel Engines
ECU remapping for turbocharged diesel engines is an increasingly popular service, as such engines offer enormous potential for combining the performance benefits of an engine remap with the advantages of running a turbo diesel powered vehicle, such as economy, reliability and longevity – all at a cost that represents excellent value.
In the current climate of ever rising fuel prices, Our diesel remapping services provide total reassurance to vehicle owners, releasing both more power and improved fuel economy.
Further benefits of a typical ECU remap upgrade include:
Better throttle response
Smoother power delivery
Safer overtaking
Such improvements are achieved by precision matching of ECU remapping parameters such as fuel delivery rates, boost pressure (for turbocharged vehicles), spark timing, and pump timing (for diesel vehicles). Adjustments are also made to the various maps that electronically control your torque, throttle response and top speed.
All this information in your ECU Remap calibration file is accurately optimised and then reprogrammed back into your vehicle’s ECU. We then conduct comprehensive testing of the car to ensure you can enjoy the increased performance and efficiency of your vehicle in complete safety.
ECU Remapping for Petrol Engines
For a conventionally aspirated petrol engine remap, an increase of up to 15 percent in power, plus a significant improvement in torque, is achievable with professional precision programming of various parameters within the engine management computer.
Fine tuning adjustments can be made to the fuel and ignition curves, as well the camshaft timing to give further improvements which are often in fact a necessity in order to make use of other ‘after market’ tuning items.
Investing in the correct adjustments to your vehicle is the best way to ensure that any purchased exhausts, air filters and camshafts can be fully utilised.
Your new engine parts will benefit from the further released potential and power, further gains possible with the introduction of high octane fuel.
ECU remapping for turbocharged petrol engines is a highly sought after service, due to the significant levels of power and torque increases that can be achieved in comparison to non turbocharged engines. Usually these engines are fitted to a manufacturer’s ‘flagship’ models – although this doesn’t mean that no improvements can be made.
Our mobile service for Audi`s, BMW`s and many other manufacturers achieves the highest performance results with no compromise on safety or function
Exhaust Gas recirculation valve removal (EGR)
We all know that the EGR removal provides lots of advantages and less headaches during engine troubleshooting. We can tell your EGR to stay closed or totally decode it from the software
Diesel particulate removal(DPF)
DPF can be removed on most cars via software implementation starting from Bosch edc15 to edc17, all Denso and siemens ecu`s
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