Legalities on services offered

Please read this page before requesting a service. By requesting our service you agree that you have read this page and agree to the terms of service.
Mileage correction services: -
We are only offering a mileage correction service and repairs for vehicle dashboards.
1. Replacement or second hand dashboard
2. New dashboard with zero miles on it
3. Import conversions from KMs to MPH
4. Faulty display readings e.g. jumped mileage through electrical faults, ECU problems, speedo malfunction

This is a common problem on modern dashboards and can happen from jump starting or even a flat battery.

We offer our services with the intent that they are for legal purposes and requesting our service is confirmation that the customer acknowledges and confirms that this is the case.
Should the customer later sell his/her vehicle he/she confirms that the buyer will be informed of the true mileage of the vehicle if different to the odometer reading.
We comply fully with all laws regarding odometer correction and although it is not an offence in the UK to change the odometer on your personal vehicle or to correct a false/corrupt reading, it is an offence to sell a vehicle showing a lower or higher reading than true unless the buyer is informed of the true reading.
If the vehicle's mileage cannot be guaranteed you must display a disclaimer on the odometer the same size or larger than the odometer itself.
Remember - The onus is totally on the owner of the vehicle.